From Agenda Magazine, December 2008

Steve Lockwood, it’s fair to say, might just as well go under the name ‘Mr Music’, such is his versatility and experience as a musician, producer and teacher. However, Steve is best known as a harmonica virtuoso, and has worked with the likes of Larry Adler, the Royal Philharmonic, Screaming Lord Sutch and Boo Hewerdine.


Currently Steve is offering harmonica lessons, and with a degree in classical music harmonica playing (no, really), it’d be hard to find a better qualified teacher. Not only has Steve lectured in music for over ten years, his experience as a globally respected performer as a vocalist, harmonica player and all-round music motivator, makes Steve Lockwood one of the most exciting and inspirational music teachers in the UK.

Steve came to harmonica playing many years ago, after an onstage epiphany brought about by the guitar-god antics of one of his colleagues led him to believe that playing an instrument was at least one way forward. Steve remembers the moment, “I was onstage at the Corn Exchange in 1987, singing in a band called Big T Total, and I said ‘solo!’ to the guitarist, and he did this fantastic solo and the whole audience just exploded. It was great. And I thought then, that I needed to learn a musical instrument. So I picked up a harmonica, and it just went from there really. I ended up touring Europe for eight years, playing 13 days out of 14, and you basically live and breath the instrument you play. In my case the harmonica.’ Eventually tired of touring, Steve made an unusual but brilliant decision. ‘I decided that I was going to go back to Cambridge, and do a classical music degree on harmonica.’

So what kind of student is Steve looking for?

He says, ‘Really, anyone who is interested in learning to play a musical instrument. They may be a total musical novice, or a singer who wants to add something extra to their repertoire.’ No prior knowledge is needed, as this reporter can testify. Musically useless, Steve Lockwood had me providing the rhythm to his amazing ‘lead’ harmonica with a few seconds of tuition. Playing alongside one of Europe’s most accomplished harmonica players – however modest my contribution – was a thrilling and uplifting experience, and one you can replicate by signing up for Steve’s one-on-one personal tuition.


Students get a CD of each lesson so they measure their progress (Steve has a studio in which lessons are recorded), and you get the benefit of being taught by a truly motivational, engaging and brilliant tutor. What better Christmas present for the person in your life (or yourself) who’s always regretted not learning a musical instrument when they were a kid? And let’s face it, that’s an awful lot of us…



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